Introduced! Valle nuova

This time: Valle nuova

1) Please introduce yourself (Name, Location, Age, where do you come from)
Giulia Savini, I’m 37. I was born and brought up in Milan and currently live near Urbino, Le Marche.

2) Which countries/cities have you lived in?
When I was 18 I moved to Urbino and studied Foreign Languages at Urbino University. I lived in Madrid (Spain) for 8 years and now I’m back to my organic farm and country in, a few km south of Urbino.

3) What is your blog about?
My blog is about my life at Valle Nuova, my farm and organic country inn in Northern Le Marche. I post photos of the area, tourist information, recipes and some news about life here: from newly born kittens to updates about our eco-goals. I recently started a series of posts of photos from friends and past guests: “Valle Nuova through your eyes” (it’s really interesting seeing my everyday reality through someone else’s eyes!)

4) Why are you blogging? Do you have any goals with it?
I started blogging because I needed a space to add information that I thought that my guests would appreciate, without the hassle of updating my website all the time.
My experience says that an informed guest is a happy guest so I try to let people know as much as I can about this place and what we think is important, this way guests start knowing us before arriving here and past guests can read about us after they left.
This contributes creating a relationship between us and the people that visit Valle Nuova that goes well beyond a normal innkeeper/guest relationship: this is the best thing about my job!

5) Your favorite Italian meal?
Given the season my first thought is: Torta Pasqualina!
Part of my family is from Genoa and this is a typical Genoese Easter dish: a gorgeous savoury pie filled with artichokes, eggs, fresh cheese, garlic and herbs. It’s one of those things you only prepare for people you really love because it’s very time-consuming, but it’s oh so good! It also reminds me of my granny… yes, she loved me enough to cook this for me quite often!
I’ll post the recipe on my blog soon!

6) What is your favorite Italian song?
Anything by Fabrizio de André.
For instance this beautiful atypical love song: Un chimico (The album is based on Edgard Lee Master’s “Spoon River Anthology”. The co-author of the music is composer Nicola Piovani, who later on won an Academy Award for his soundtrack of Roberto Benigni’s Life is beautiful).

7) Do you have recommended links concerning the subject of your blog or Italy in general?, ,,

Plus a few that I see have already been included!

8) Anything to add?
Thank you for your interest in my blog! I really like the choice of interesting blogs including some from off-the-beaten-path areas of Italy. I second Valerie’s suggestion: try explore new parts of Italy and let Italians from those areas surprise you with their warm welcome!

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