Introduced! Burnt by the Tuscan Sun (

This time: Burnt by the Tuscan Sun

1) Please introduce yourself (Name, Location, Age, where do you come from)
I am Francesca Maggi, an American living in Rome and in Italy since 1992. I’m originally from the Detroit area, consider myself a New Yorker, but my family’s origins are Italian which is what brought me here.

2) Which countries/cities have you lived in?
Ann Arbor, Michigan / Brooklyn, NY / Milan, Italy with short stints in Stanford, California and Parma, Italy.

3) What is your blog about?
My blog offers an irreverent look at Italy’s famed ‘Quality of Life’. While we all absolutely love it here, I decided that not enough ink (or typeface) was spent on some of the quirks and sheer inadequacies of life in the Bel Paese. It’s true: Italy’s an amazing place, but, I like to pick out some of the stuff that drives all us expats out of our minds and put it in writing.

4) Why are you blogging? Do you have any goals with it?
My blog actually started out as a book. And, I expect this year to (finally!) finish the book and get it published! I’ve been too distracted by blogging, but I love to keep a pulse on the goings on in my home country.

5) Your favorite Italian meal?
Wow. I think there have been far far too many to single out just one, but, I’ll give it a go:

  • I’d say the Pasta alla Norma which I had in Sicily
  • Every meal in Puglia and the Cacio & Pepe at the Cantina del Vecchio in Rome, a typical Roman Dish.
  • A special mention is reserved for the Carciofi alla Giudea served in Rome
  • But, my most memorable meal was, when I was in my 20s and working for American Express, a client put me up at the most outstanding hotel of all: The Villa Cipriani in Asolo (where the Queen Mother would stay on trips to Veneto). After a sumptuous night spent in a feather bed, I was served prosciutto with figs in the garden for breakfast. It was at that moment that I knew I had to live in Italy.

6) What is your favorite Italian song?
Probably Volare, because everyone knows it and my dad always used to sing it! But, I love Italian music, and even Italian rap!

7) Do you have recommended links concerning the subject of your blog or Italy in general?
Well, I like to link up with other irreverent writers, but, I’ve listed my favorites on my own blog (too many to name). However, I would address people to for daily news and features, and the online magazine, The American in Italy for excellent writing and a bit of an insider’s view. And, a friend who just came to Rome to work in a ristorante offers excellent recipes and a truly fun view with her new blog, RomeontheRange.

8) Anything to add?
Although my blog pokes fun at serious things, I don’t take it nor things all that seriously. In fact, I could probably blog about any culture, especially America! But, I just happen to live here. So, just don’t have a sense of humour failure.
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